Current Family Membership holders who wish to switch to an "Individual Membership" should contact Pam Geraghty, Membership Chair, to begin the process and update your Membership class. A limited number of spots will be made available. Application here

IMPORTANT: Anyone wishing to change their Membership class from a “Family Membership” to an “Individual Membership” must note the following:

1. An “Individual Membership” will be one individual aged 21 or above.

2. An “Individual Membership” must complete an Updated Membership form for the front desk each year prior to the pool opening. Please note that only one individual will be listed on this Membership page.

3. An “Individual Membership” will be allowed to bring guests to the Club and must pay the appropriate guest fees. No Guests, No Exceptions on “Member Only” days, even if they had once been part of a “Family Membership”.

4. An “Individual Membership” maintains voting rights.

5. An "Individual Membership" will incur any additional Membership fees (such as potential assessments).

6. Any New Members to RSSC who may wish to obtain the “Individual Membership” will be required to pay all initial costs such as application and initiation fees.
2019 Annual Dues $375 (or as set each year by the Board of Directors).

Don't delay - In order to change your Membership class from a “Family Membership” to an “Individual Membership”, you must contact our Membership Chair here as soon as possible as a limited number of “Individual Memberships” will be made available.


For the 2019 season, the cost for an "Individual Membership" will be $375

New for 2019 - “Dual Membership” - $475*

The 2019 cost for a "Family Membership" will be $535*

*if postmarked and paid in full before the March 1st deadline, 

otherwise late fees will accrue.