The summer season is quickly approaching, and we can’t wait to meet our new families as well as welcome back our dedicated Racer families.  All the coaches are looking forward to the upcoming season and helping our children swim and be the best Racer they can be!!!

     There is no better way for your children to start their day than a brisk workout in the pool. Swimming in the morning gets them up, moving and ready for the day. Swimming teaches discipline and commitment. It involves hard work but is very rewarding and fun. It is a sport that encourages children to set goals, reach their potential and achieve their personal best. Racer swimming is one of the few team sports in which you can be a member from age 5 to 18, allowing the older swimmers to be role models for the younger swimmers. Also, it is a sport that all your children can be a part of on the same team. We would like to thank you for allowing your children to be a part of our Racer swim team family.



   E-mail is our primary method of communication therefore please check your e-mail often and message board at the pool regularly for news and events. We are excited for a great season of practices, swim meets and fun team activities. To be a success, we rely on the support of our Racer families and require that each family fulfill their volunteer commitment at both our home and away meets.  Don’t worry, we provide on the job training!  Unlike other sports, it takes more than the coach and officials to run a meet.  It takes a village and we have the best in the league.

     Please look for us during daily practice if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you this summer. Go Racers!


Melissa Coster 443-324-7269

Allen Clark 443-257-7320


If we all do a little, we can accomplish a lot!!!